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From This Land
Melissa K. Stallard
Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place.
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New York, 1983. Photos by Thomas Hoepker.

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sometimes i get really really sad because i realize i want so much more out of life and i want someone to share every teeny moment with and every realization with but i can’t because nothing is happening and i dont have time to reach out to those i love, ergh


Although known for her work with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and collaboration with numerous other artists, American musician Karen O decided to follow her own path with a solo album. The title ‘Crush Songs’ says it all; Karen O translates all your heart’s flutters, aches, and yearnings. Every song has a different sentiment of a moment, translating common yet intense feelings into accessible, simple melodies. Mirroring the truths of crushes, each song is quite brief, timing around one to two minutes apiece. The record’s intimate demo feel is accomplished through O’s raw and earnest voice paired with soft guitar strums and the occasional beat. Although some have claimed she is ‘holding back’ among other criticisms, I feel she is channeling what every hopeless lover would write if they had the talent Karen O possesses. 

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